Yao Pan

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Contact Information
Yao Pan
Aalto University
Department of Economics
Arkadiankatu 7, Suite A208
Helsinki 00100
Email: yao.pan (at) aalto.fi

Research Interests

Development Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics

Published and Accepted Papers

"Income and Malaria: Evidence from an Agricultural Intervention in Uganda." (with Saurabh Singhal), Journal of Development Economics, forthcoming [PDF version]

"Agricultural Extension and Technology Adoption for Food Security: Evidence from Uganda." (with Stephen Smith and Munshi Sulaiman), American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2018 [PDF version]

"The Impact of Removing Selective Migration Restrictions on Education: Evidence from China." Journal of Human Resources, 2017 [PDF version]

  • Previously circulated under the name "The Positive Effect of Labor Mobility Restrictions on Educational Attainment in China"

"Understanding the Rural and Urban Household Saving Rise in China." Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2016 [PDF version]

Working Papers

"Education and Labor Market Consequences of Removing Migration Selectivity: Evidence from the Abolition of Rural-Urban Dual Hukou."

"Less Restrictive Birth Control, Less Education? Evidence from Ethnic Minorities in China." (with Yishen Liu) for UNU-WIDER project on "Discrimination and Affirmative Action: What have we learnt so far?" [PDF version]

"Aladdin's Lamp Unleashed: Successful Social Programs over Political Cycles." (with Jing You)

"Firm-Level Responses to Chinese Competition on Export Markets." (with Katariina Nilsson Hakkala)

Work in Progress (selected)

"Maternity Leave, Child Health and Long-term Implications." (with Saurabh Singhal)

"Voted or Appointed Leader: Experimental Evidence on Group Training Efficiency." (with Munshi Sulaiman)

"Aging and Structural Change." (with Yu Sun)